Pierre Robert Cheese

Cheese Of The Month: Pierre Robert

To say I love cheese would be the one of the most under of statements. I eat cheese every day, often more than once… honestly, more than that. If you open my fridge you’ll find at least three or four different kinds, always. Normally, I have two staples, a French goats’ cheese and a Dutch Gouda and then a couple of others, either old favourites or something new I’ve never tried before.

My cheese loving started… when did it start? Actually, I have no idea it was so long ago, somewhere waaay back in childhood. And it stayed with me throughout my life. It became so deep I opened a my own cheese shop where I had more than seventy artisan, mostly unpasteurized cheeses. Sometimes, around Christmas for example, that would shoot up to over one hundred. And I loved them all. They were all my little dairy babies.

My little shop ended up being voted one of the best speciality food shops in the Netherlands. In fact, I was number seven from over five hundred businesses. I was even voted cheese fondue specialist. It was a total shock to me, a Scot in Holland who learnt to speak the language – Dutch as well as cheese – on the job and a woman in a man’s world. There were no other women in my position, none.

It was a fantastic experience and during the years I owned my shop I developed a deep appreciation for all food but especially cheese and the people who make it.

About Pierre Robert Cheese

So, here we are, my first cheese of the month. And I’ve decided to go with a new find. Pierre Robert is a cow’s milk French cheese made just east of Paris and I chose the unpasteurized version (of course).

It’s made from the left over cream from the production of Brie De Meaux and creme fraiche is added. And, it’s eaten young, one month old, so, you can imagine it’s mild and smooth in a dreamy sort of creamy way. It’s fresh taste has a tiny salt tang which gives it character.

How To Eat Pierre Robert

My recommendation would be to keep it clean. In order to appreciate the flavour, I’d keep things simple. Serve before a meal before your palate gets confused and tired. Perhaps with fruit like grapes, apples or apricots. If you want to put this cheese on a cracker I’d go with a neutral flavour.

You could also try my Apricot Compote with this cheese.

Wine Pairing For Pierre Robert

For me, I’d go bubbles with this as my first choice, something very simple and I’m going to say not French! I know, but, I feel a champagne or crémant, even a cava would be too complex. I’m going to suggest prosecco. Or, a simple pinot gris, or I’m thinking along the lines of a Portuguese vinho verde

I hope you enjoy my ideas. If you try this cheese, I’d love to hear what you think – so please leave a comment.

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