Back Into The Kitchen


Back Into The Kitchen

I couldn’t believe it, my website got hacked.  I mean, why my site?  I’m not a huge company or a famous blogger with hundreds of thousands of followers – I’m just somebody sharing recipes.

Whatever the reason, it happened and I didn’t know how to fix it, so, after a few days of wailing and gnashing my teeth I decided to let it go, pull the plug, which was so much harder than I thought it would be.

I spent almost 8 years building up a body of work on there, recipes, food and travel reviews. I learnt about blogging and writing and social media with it and it brought me in touch with some really great people who have become friends.

I set up my site when my mum was ill and dying of cancer, it was a place I could find escape from the unbearable sadness and fear I felt and saw in the eyes all of us who went through it with her. My mum was sick, one of my best friends and my brother-in-law too, all with different equally horrible versions of the same disease and all of them at the same time. None of them are here now, all gone in the same year.

My little website came to mark a big change of direction in my life. So maybe it’s not surprising I found it hard to say goodbye.

Now that I’ve done it I’m really happy with my new start and to be honest the old side could have been doing with a re-boot anyway, I wasn’t giving cooking lessons anymore and my writing has taken more of a priority so lots had changed since I started my last recipe website.  The thing that never changes though is my cooking, I’m still doing that and eating of course.

I didn’t start my new site straight away though, there was so much else to do, like editing my book, I’m still working on it but I think, I hope, the end is getting closer and I’ll soon be able to send it to a professional for editing.

I’m looking forward to adding to this, I’ve got lots of material ready and plenty of new ideas, so here I go, back into the kitchen.

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